Readers Gonna Read Podcast

Hi, I'm Amy. 

Readers Gonna Read is my podcast where I interview bookish people about the books they can't stop thinking about. 

I've always been an avid reader, but I fell out of the habit after University so in 2015 I set myself a challenge to read 100 books in a year. I managed it, just in the nick of time, and it changed my reading life. Now, I can't get enough and I'm constantly looking for recommendations and keeping an eye on the latest releases. 

So, I decided to ask some bookish people to share their favourite books with me on this podcast. We chat about the books that made them the readers they are today, what their reading lives look like, and the books they always recommend. You can find all of the episodes here, and a list of my favourite books here. 

When I'm not reading or talking about books, I'm usually hanging out on Instagram or Twitter. Come and share your favourite books with me!